Alpokalja; The Foot of the Alps

Alps in Austria
Alps in Austria

New words:

middle -mountain range - középhegység

giant - óriás

collide - összeütközik

less - kevesebb

slope - lejtő

meadow - rét

pine - fenyő

beech - bükk

oak - tölgy

chestnut - gesztenye

cyclamen - ciklámen

abound - bővölködik

timber - faanyag

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Foot of the Alps on the map
Foot of the Alps on the map

The western "corner" of our country has two types of features:

  1. The old middle-mountain ranges of the area are the Soproni and Kőszegi mountains. They were created by the giant forces resulting when the African continent collided with Europe. The highest point in the Kőszegi mountains is the Írottkő. Its height is 882m.
  2. The Hill Ranges (Vasi hegyhát, Kemeneshát, Őrség). The hills are covered with pebbles which were carried and laid here by the rivers from the surrounding higher mountains.

Climate, vegetation, rivers

This is the rainiest part of our country. The number of hours of sunshine is less than on the Great Plain. Because of the large amount of rain, the slopes of the mountains and the hills are covered with forests and thick grass meadows. The main types of trees on the tops of the mountains are pines, on the lower areas beeches and oaks. Very special plants are sweet chestnut and the protected cyclamen. Because of the large amount of rain, the area abounds in streams.

Farming and industry

Because of the cooler and rainier weather, in the hills of this area sugar beet and fodder plants are grown. Other produscts of this area are sugar, textiles and shoes (sugar, textile and shoe industry). Wood industry products furniture and timber. Tourism is very important here. The most important towns of this area are Szombathely, Sopron and Kőszeg.

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