wild plum
wild plum
wild rose
wild rose

New words:

wild plum - kökény

wild rose - vadrózsa

pointed - hegyes

woody spike - ágtövis

thorn - tüske

ashblue - hamvaskék

rose hip - csipkebogyó

foliation - lombfakadás

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  • They do not have trunks. Their branches grow from the ground.
  • They like warm weather and light.
  • They protect the underwood.
  • Animals find shelter under the shrubs.

Wild plum

  • pointed woody spikes
  • flowers at the end of April
  • tiny, white and sweetsmelling petals
  • angiosperm
  • ashblue stone fruit

Wild rose

  • thorns
  • pink flowers
  • the fruit is the rose hip
  • rose hip is full of C vitamin
  • tea, wine and jam are made from rose hip

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