The water cycle

New words:

water cycle - vízkörforgás

process - folyamat

evaporate - párolog

water vapour - vízpára

particle - részecske

cool - lehűl

condense - lecsapódik

carry - visz

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  1. The water cycle is a process by which water rises from the rivers, lakes or seas using the heat of the Sun and returns to the surface again as different types of precipitation.
  2. Sunshine heats the surface of the sea and makes the water evaporate. Because hot air is lighter, it rises as water vapour and mixes with air particles. It is called evaporation.
  3. High in the sky this vapour cools and condenses and forms clouds. It is called condensation.
  4. Then precipitation falls from the clouds. It is called precipitation.
  5. When precipitation  reaches the ground, rivers and groundwater collect the rainwater, and they carry it back to the rivers, lakes or seas. It is called collection The process then starts again.

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