The Lesser Plain

Győr Városháza
Győr Városháza

New words:

totally flat plain - tökéletes síkság

role - szerep

tributary - mellékfolyó

neighbouring -  szomszédos

pebble - kavics

vegetation - növényzet

reed - nád

barley - árpa

fodder - takarmány

mill industry - malomipar

dairy industry - tejipar

farm machinery - mezőgazdasági gépgyártás

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Formation of the flat plain

It lays in the northwerstern part of the country. The middle of the area is a totally flat plain. The rivers Danube and Rába had a great role in the forming of the surface of today. The rivers and their tributaries from the neighbouring mountains carried pebbles, sand, mud which changed into very fertile soil.


The summers are cooler, the winters are warmer than in the Alföld. Kisalföld is the windyest area of Hungary.

Rivers and lakes

The Rába, Rábca and Marcal flow into the Danube in this area. The biggest lake in this area is lake Fertő. This is a protected area. The bigger part of the lake now belongs to Austria. Most of this region belongs to the Fertő-Hanság National Park.

The economical characteristics of the area

The main crops of the area are wheat, barley, sugar beet and fodder plants.

Industry: mill industry, dairy industry, meat industry, enginieering industry. The most important is the vehicle and farm machinery industry.

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