The carp and the catfish

New words:

shallow - sekély

slimy - nyálkás, csúszós

slime - nyálka

offer - nyújt, kínál

streamlined - áramvonalas

dorsal fin - hátúszó

pectoral fin - mellúszó

pelvic - fin - hasúszó

anal fin - farok alatti úszó

swim bladder - úszóhólyag

act - működik

sense organ - érzékszerv

lateral line - oldalvonal

nearby - közeli

pressure - nyomás

stream - folyam

barbel - hal bajsza

rounded - kerek

depth - merülés

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The carp


  • It lives in moving or standing shallow fresh water.


  • They are usually 30-40 cm long.
  • They have flat and greyish brown bodies.
  • Their skin is slimy and covered with scales. The slime on their skin helps in swimming and offers protection.
  • They have streamlined bodies with three main parts: head, trunk and tail.
  • An important organ of fish is the swim bladder. It acts as a gas ba and controlls the fish's depth.
  • The lateral line is the caps' sense organ. They use this organ to feel nearby movements and changes in pressure.

Eating habit

  • They are omnivores.


  • They breathe with gills.

The catfish


  • They live in lakes, stream and rivers.


  • They have no scales.
  • Their skin is slimy and greyish brown.
  • They have a large flat head.
  • They have barbels on both sides of their mouth.
  • Their body is rounded, their tail is flat and elongated.
  • They can grow as los as 2 m.

Eating habit

  • They are predators.
  • They hunts at night.

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