The Northern Middle Mountain Range

New words:

strech - kiterjeszt

individual - önálló

geographical - földrajzi

wide - széles

valley - völgy

basin - medence

cave system - barlangrendszer

dripstone - cseppkő

World Heritage Site - Világörökség része

annual - évi

average - átlagos

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Andesite and limestone mountains

This area streches from the Danube in the west to the Tisza in the east . The mountains are made up of smaller individual ranges, starting with the Bözsöny in the west, followed by the Cserhát, Mátra, Bükk, Aggteleki Karst and Zemplén mountains. Among the mountains, there are other geographical features: wide valleys and basins (the biggests are the borsod and Nógrád basins).

The Börzsöny, Mátra and Zemplén mountains are volcanic mountains. The Aggteleki Karst and Bükk Mountains are limestone rocks. In the limestone mountains there are huge cave systems under the surface with beautiful dripstone formations. The Baradla cave in Aggteleki Mountains is one of the world's largest caves. Its length is 22 km. The Giant's Hall is 60 m high. The mountain is on the list of World Heritage Sites.

The Cserhát is built up of both volcanic and limestone rocks. The Mátra Mountains are the highest in the mountain range, the Kékes Peak is 1014 m high, which is the highest point of the country.


Because of its height, this is the coolest area of Hungary. The winters are cold and in the higher regions the snow remains for a long time. The annual average temperature on the upper slopes of the mountains is only around 6 Celsius degrees. The annual rainfall is between 600-800 mm.


Because of the large amount of rainfall, there are a lot of streams and rivers here. Ipoly flows into the river Danube, Zagyva, Sajó, Bodrog flow into the river Tisza.  Some famous spas are here: Mezőkövesd, Bogács, Bükkszék, Parádfürdő and Miskolctapolca.

Soil, vegetation, national parks

Big forests cover the slopes. The Duna-Ipoly, Bükk, and Aggteleki National Parks preseres the nature.

The most important towns of the area are Eger and Miskolc.

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