New words:

flow - folyik

along - mentén

river bed - folyómeder

bank - part

source - eredet

downwards - lefelé

freshwater - édesvíz

estuary - tölcsértorkolat

tributary - mellékfolyó

main - fő

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A river is a large stream of water that flows along a river bed. The two sides of the river bed are called banks. Rivers usually have a right and a left bank.

The place where a river starts from is the source. Rivers usually start from a higher hill or mountain and begin to flow downwards because of gravity. The water of rivers is freshwater, which means you can drink it if it is clean.

Rivers always flows into a bigger river, a lake, a sea, or into an ocean. Some rivers have a long estuary or a delta at the mouth of the river. A smaller river is called a tributary and it often flows into the main river.

The river Danube and Tisza are the main rivers of Hungary. Major tributaries of the Danube are: the Rába, Ipoly, Sió and Dráva. Tributaries of the Tisza are the Szamos, Bodrog, Sajó, Zagyva, Körös and Maros.

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