Maps for everyday use

New words:

detail - részlet

sightseeing places - látnivalók

useful - hasznos

foreigner - külföldi

explain - elmagyaráz

legend - jelmagyarázat

key list - jelmagyarázat

hiking - túrázni

path - ösvény, csapás

way marking - turistajelzés

signal - jeladás

satellite system - műholdrendszer

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Tourist map

  • Tourist maps contain the names of cities, towns, streets and squares. These maps have information about the sightseeing places, theatres, cinemas, castles, hospitals, parking areas, cafés, restaurants etc. that can be useful for a foreigner.
  • The symbols are called legend or key list.

Hiking in the forest

  • The way markings are usually painted on the barks of trees. They show the forest path.


  • GPS unit takes signals from a satellite system, so you can find your position anywhere on the Earth.
hiking keys
hiking keys
legend of a tourist map
legend of a tourist map

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