What can you read on a map?

New words:

sketch - vázlatrajz

ground plan - alaprajz

reduced in size - lekicsinyít

directory map - útbaigazító térkép

detailed - részletes

rate - arányszám

scale - méretarány

landscape - táj, tájkép

direction - irány

environment - környezet

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What is the map?

The map is a drawing of a country, a region, or even the Earth's surface reduced in size. Maps show features of the landscape, such as hills, roads, rivers, lakes, countries etc. on a flat paper. Maps are usually drawn from above. Maps use different colours and symbols.

The scale is a number on the map that shows how many times smaller your drawing is than real life. A rate of 1:4 means that the drawing is four times smaller than the real thing.

Some types of map

  • directory map
  • physical map (domborzati térkép)
  • basic road map (közúti térkép)
  • tourist map
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