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New words:

contour feather - fedőtoll

distance - távolság

comb - taréj

wattles - szakáll madárnál

claw - karom

one-footed scratch - kapirgálóláb

shank - csüd

spur - sarkantyú

precocial - fészekhagyó

yolk - tojássárgája

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Chickens are vertebrates and birds. Their bodies are covered by feathers. Chickens have got two types of feathers: the contour feathers (tail and flight feathers) and the down feathers. The contour feathers give the bird's colour. The two types of contour feathers (tail and flight feathers) help the birds fly. The down feathers keep the birds warm. Chicken cannot fly long distance.

Birds have two legs and two wings which help them move. On their head, chicken have a strong beak, comb and wattles. They do not have teeth. They usually eat seeds, fruits, the green parts of plants, insects or worms. Hens have sharp and strong claws on their legs' end  because they get their food from under the ground. One-footed scratch is the typical leg of hens or turkeys. The shank part of their leg is the one that is not covered by feathers but has thick yellowish skin. Roosters usually have a bigger comb and wattles on their head and a strong spur on the shank.

After the chicks hatch from the eggs, they are soon able to leave their nest and start feeding on their own. They are called precocial birds.

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