Water under the ground

New words:

mineral - ásvány

deep - mély

aquifer - víztartó kőzet

artesian well - artézi kút

karst water - karsztvíz

limestone - mészkő

groundwater - talajvíz

Read and learn:

Mineral and thermal water come from under the  ground. Groundwater is a body of water which is under the surface. Rainwater and sometimes rivers are the source of groundwater, which accumulate deep (usually 3-6 m) inside aquifers. The source of thermal water is an artesian well.

Types of groundwater:

  • karst water in limestone mountains
  • mineral water
  • thermal water
Thermal baths and spas are very famous in Hungary. Budapest is also known as th 'City of Spas' by foreigners.
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