Healthy lifestyle

New words:

carbohydrates - szénhidrátok

fats - zsírok

proteins - fehérjék

minerals - ásványi anyagok

proper - megfelelő

to be on friendly terms - barátságban lenni

eating habit(s)- étkezési szokás(ok)

healthy lifestyle - egészséges életmód

important - fontos

Read and learn:

A healthy lifestyle contains helathy eating habits, a proper daily routine, spending your free time well and being on friendly terms with your family and friends. Eating habits are important.  Here are some advice:

  • eat regular meals
  • be active
  • drink lots of water
  • eat fruit for a snack

Be in the fresh air as much as you can! At your age you need 9-10 hours of sleep a day.

Types of food

  • Carbohydrates: energy giving food
  • Fats:  store energy in body
  • Proteins: body building and repearing
  • Vitamines and minerals: keep body healthy, fight diseases

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