Animals in the shadow

New words:

segment - szelvény

slimy - nyálkás

slime - nyálka

annelids - gyűrűsféreg

hydrostatic skeletal system - bőrizomtömlő

support - támogat

locomotion - helyváltoztatás

form - formál, alakít

humus - humusz

tunnel - alagút

improve - javít

structure - szerkezet

soil - talaj

hibernate - téli álmot alszik

edible - ehető

shell - héj

cover - fed, borít

organ - szerv

mantle - köpeny

radula - reszelőnyelv

tip - csúcs

tentacle - tapogató

hatch - kikel

pest - kártevő

major - fontos, jelentősebb

citellum - nyereg

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The earthworm is an animal without backbone. Earthworms have a brownish colour and they are usually 20 to 30 centimetres long. The earthworm's body consists of segments. The hydrostatic skeletal system serves to support the locomotion. Slime helps their movement under the ground and it is also plays an important role in their breathing.

Earthworms have a very important job under the ground. Their job is forming humus by eating the soil, and they make little tunnels wich improve the structure of the soil. They lay a lot of eggs and small worms are born from the eggs, which are adult after one year. They hibernate during winter.

Other common invertebrate animal in the gardens are edible snails. Snails have a shell covering their organs. They have three main body parts: the head, the muscular foot and the mantel which also helps the animal breath. They have a special tongue, the radula, with which they eat leaves, fruits and flowers. They have small black eye-spots on the tip of the longer tentacles, which are used for seeing shadows and light only.  The smaller tentacles are used for smelling. Slime helps their movement on the ground. They like warm and humid weather and lay eggs in the ground. From the eggs little snails hatch. Their shell is only soft for a couple of days.

part of the snail's shell
part of the snail's shell

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