Cabbage and its relatives

New words:

cabbage - káposzta

contain - tartalmaz

store - tárol

stalk - szár

main vein - főér

lateral vein - mellék ér

biennial - kétnyári

relative - rokon

brussels sprout - bimbós kel

head cabbage - fejes káposzta

savoy cabbage - kelkáposzta

kohlrabi - karalábé

cabbage moth - káposztalepke

caterpillar - hernyó

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Cabbage is very healthy because the leaves that we eat contain vitamins C and B, and also food.

The stem of the cabbage is very short and thick, and it is known as the stalk. The white lines on the leaves are called veins. There is a main vein and some lateral veins.

Cabbage produce yellow flowers and seeds in the second year. These types of plants are called biennial. In the first year, only the roots, the stem and the leaves grow. Flowers, seeds and fruits appear in the second spring.

Relatives of the cabbage: broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprout, head cabbage, savoy cabbage and kohlrabi.

The cabbage moth can be very harmful in cabbage fields. It is a white butterfly with black spots on its wings. It puts its eggs under the leaves of the cabbage. The growing caterpillars eat the leaves of the cabbage, causing great damage in the garden.

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