What can you read on a map?

New words:

border - határ

climate map - éghajlati térkép

county town - megyeszékhely

density - sűrűség

depend on - függ valamitől

hydrographical map - vízrajzi térkép

motorways - autópálya

political map - közigazgatási térkép

population - népesség

railway system - vasúthálózat

tourist attractions - turistalátványosság

famous - híres

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Different maps - different information

  • On a hydrographical map we can see the rivers, lakes and other bodies of water in a country or a region.
  • The physical map shows only the geographical features, such as mountains, hills, rivers or lakes.
  • Climate maps give information about the typical weather of an area.
  • Population maps inform us about the population density of different areas.
  • Tourists maps show popular and famous buildings, museums, or other tourist attractions.
  • Political maps show the Earth's countries, regions, counties, cities or villages. Counties are shown with different colours and the county towns are underlined and highlited. The neighbouring countries and the borders are usually represented by a red line. The motorways, major roads and railway system are also shown on political maps.

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